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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Still Work To Be Done

Our time in West Liberty is coming to a close, but that doesn't mean that the work is done.  As the pictures show, this community is facing a complete devastation.  Before they can even begin rebuilding, the broken down homes, the debris hanging in the tree tops, and the blocked roadways must be cleared. 

Our crew spent three and half days in West Liberty, working from sunlight to sundown.  It feels like we've accomplished a lot, but there are still too many families homeless and too many businesses closed indefinitely.  But life doesn't stop for the residents of Morgan County.  In previous posts, I've shared the resilience and the strong sense of hope that these people, who have lost nearly everything, have shown me during my time in their community. 

These are proud, strong and devoted Americans.  They represent everything this great country stands for: faith, hard work, a second chance, determination. 

I've said before that one of the reasons America is the best country in the world is because we come together and lend a shoulder to a neighbor in need.  Many people have volunteered their time and given all their energy to help West Liberty get back on its feet, but we cannot stop here.  There is still work to be done in this community and they are going to need all of our help.  I urge anyone and everyone to do what they can to help a fellow American in need. 

I believe we can all look at circumstances life presents as situations or as opportunities; I choose to consider West Liberty an opportunity for all of us to rise above ourselves and come together for the greater good. 

I'll be back to West Liberty, to continue helping what is sure to be a long and sometimes painful recovery.  I hope you'll join me.


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  1. Bravo Zulu...Job well done, Dakota!!!!!!! Let your team know some blog friends give them Kudos.