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Friday, March 16, 2012


Welcome, everyone, to my new blog and thanks for checking in!

I hope to use this blog to share my life experiences with others.  I'm new to blogging, so for all you veteran bloggers out there, please have patience as I learn the ropes.

I'm preparing for a trip to West Liberty, KY to help with the recovery efforts from the deadly tornadoes that recently swept through the community.  As you can see in the picture above, many people lost everything and the entire town is devastated.  Myself, along with three close friends, decided we couldn't sit around and do nothing when so many people need our help.  We have packed up our equipment, rented some heavy lifting machinery and we're headed east. 

I'll use this blog to keep everyone engaged with the efforts in West Liberty so continue to check in for updates, but please don't stop there.  I encourage everyone to do their part to help their neighbors; donate food, clothes, money; volunteer to help with the clean-up; at the least, send your prayers to the victims of the tornadoes. 

We'll be doing our part... I hope you'll join us.

See you in West Liberty!


  1. Well done, Sir! We never receive more than when we give. Looking forward to following your efforts. Count on my prayers for West Liberty, your friends, and yourself.

  2. Welcome to the blogging community! I will put you on my roll (as soon as I get a chance to sit down and work on it ... LOL). Thank You for Your Service! {{{Hugs}}} A Colorado Soldiers' Angel.

  3. I'm new to blogging myself. I just started last week. Takes some getting use to. I think its awesome what your doing and sharing with everyone is outstanding. Thank you

  4. Dakota, as a fellow Kentuckian, Thank YOU! We had local damage in my area. It was one scary evening for everyone involved. Sending good thoughts to all who answer the call to help those in need. If you all need anything, I hope you let us know so we can help as well.

  5. First things first: From one former Marine to another, thank you for your service. I'm a little older than you - served from 1967 to 1977.

    Second: I hope you enjoy blogging as much as I do. I started mine back in September 2011. On September 18th my post was about a young Marine who was all over the headlines at the time. Check it out.

    Third: I look forward to reading your blog and, following you on Twitter.

  6. Welcome to the world of blogging.

    Don't get all hung up in the technicality of things - just sit down and write what's in your heart.

    Thanks for your service and all the flak you've taken and are going to take in the future. Don't ever let it get you down as we're here to support you.

    MSgt Dale Day, US Army - Retired

  7. Welcome to blogging, Dakota! Oh, it's hard work, but I think you can handle that, lol!

    I've been a Twitter follower for quite a while and we'll proud to have you on our blogroll.

    Give the folks in Liberty all our best ~ I know they'll be glad to see you. Having been through some fierce storms ourselves (Berth, Fran '96, Ivan '04), it's the most wonderful thing in the world to experience, that great American, "Hey! I'm here to help. Whacha need?" Most marvelous feeling in the world.

    OO-Rah and Semper-Fi! Watch out for splinters,

    SSgt USMC

  8. you are a true AMERICAN HERO. both in combat and in civilian life you exemplify what a good Marine and good person looks like and does. Scouts Out

  9. Dakota, thank you for your service! Your courage and sacrfice means a lot to so many people.

    I would like to volunteer in KY, although I do not live there. I sent an email to Habitat for Humanity, but have not received a response yet. Besides the HFH and the Red Cross, are there any other organizations that I can volunteer with?

    S. Clark
    US Army Reserves

    1. Have you looked into Team Rubicon?

  10. Dakota,

    Would be honored to get you involved in Team Rubicon's disaster relief missions. We're repurposing the skills of returning veterans to form Veteran Emergency Response Teams (VERTs) capable of responding anywhere in the world following a disaster. My email is mcnulty(at)


    William McNulty
    VP and Cofounder
    Team Rubicon

  11. Welcome aboard, Marine! Can't help you much with blogspot stuff, though I'm sure there are others who haven't yet given up on the platform. I'm a Wordpress kinda guy, but we'll be following you and if you have any questions, just put 'em in a post and someone will help you out ASAP.

    If you need some REAL help out there, connect with them Seabee folks! Plenty of Reservists who could use the extra stick time and can help out.

    vr/ Retired EO1, USN

  12. Dakota,just showed Larry the Fox News segment about you all giving your time & work efforts in W Liberty.. So touching, as you are a living example in touching so many people, by your words, motivation, positiveness, & putting your words into action. So humbling.. When I tweeted #wordsintoaction, I did not realize those words headed your blog.. So ironic!
    Love & prayers to all of you this week! Be safe & take care of Blake this week! Thanks again for your encouraging words to wake people up & give back!
    I'm so proud to say I know you, Dakota Meyer!!

  13. Btw.... Love your new Blogspot....!!!! We should all strive to give more of ourselves, as you, Jeff, Randy, Blake, & Bill are...I knew God would use you in so many ways....& you have answered the call!! The hearts you have touched & are continuing to nothing short than..... AMAZING!!!!!

  14. Welcome to the Blogosphere, Dakota!! I'll be following.

  15. Hey Dakota, welcome to the world of blogging. I think you will find it to be pretty rewarding and it is a great way to communicate with others about the things you care about. Semper Fi. -matt